A stranger who looked very familiar visited Bob Wilson one night when he locked himself in his room to finish his graduate thesis aptly called “An Investigation into Certain Mathematical Aspects of Rigor of Metaphysics”.

This first stranger, Joe, tried to convince him to go through the time gate and that his thesis was nonsense. He also attempted to inebriate him into submission, but his efforts were futile.

Come the 2nd stranger who was doing the exact opposite of what the 1st one was trying to do. He is trying to stop the first stranger from forcing Bob in the gate. A fight ensued bringing Bob accidentally through the time gate and 30,000 years into the future.

Waking up, he found himself meeting a man named Diktor who convinced him of a great future in this new world where he landed. On the condition that he brings back the man that he will find through the time gate once again, he was promised that he can live the rest of his life as a king.

Later then, he realized when he went back through the time gate that he was fetching himself, reenacting the same scene but changing the perspective as introducing himself as “Joe”, the 1st stranger.

He went back to meet Diktor again, who convinced him this time to go back once again and buy a list of things from his time and bring it back to him.

Bob reenacted the scene in his room 3 times when he realized that he was free. He then collected the items that Diktor asked him to buy, realizing that these things could be beneficial into turning himself as king in the future.

After going through the time gate again in the future, he made sure to adjust the gate and send himself back 10 years before Diktor’s time to pre-empt his influence and establish himself as the chieftain, “Diktor” in the local language. He found his hat and a notebook filled with translations from English to the language of the future world. He took precautions against the appearance of Diktor.

Only after 10 years, when no other Diktor reappeared, did he realized what happened. He made himself the very same Diktor that he was trying to head off. And once, when he was looking through the time gate, trying to view his old room, he watches a very familiar scene with three versions of himself. Out came Bob through the time gate as what has transpired before. He then resolved to prepare and brief “Bob” and convince him to ensure his own future.

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