Time travel has perplexed many who believed in its existence for a great deal of time. It is portrayed in Hollywood so intelligently and entertainingly with themes that beckon fictional romance and science that leaves the viewer in awe and mesmerized by how events can be altered if one enters a certain period in history.

Is it possible to travel through time while dreaming? Since time travel has always fascinated lovers of science fiction, then it is up to the dreamer to observe what can be experienced while in the dream state. Dreams can reveal alternate universes of events that question the what if. What if something happened differently?

There are so many possibilities of changing one single event or a series of events that end in a different reality altogether. When dreaming, alternate realities exist. One can dream that he was a soldier in a war or a king in an ancient world.

With science, it is possible to simulate traveling through time by manipulating particles to travel through time. Researchers from Australia used photons in an experiment to travel backwards in time.

They accomplished this by using two photons. One photon represented the “time traveler,” and the other represented the former self or past photon. This experiment answers the question that seems impossible to the average person yet gives an imagination of what could be if the events were altered resulting in a different outcome.

Much like the experiment, high budget Sci-Fi movies like “Interstellar,” for example, used Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to prove that it is possible to travel through time as if it had slowed down for the traveler.

For those who stayed on Earth, time remained constant, making them age faster. As the relativity is portrayed in this epic film, time and space bends as the space travelers enter a wormhole.

Only in the movies is traveling through a black hole possible or communicating in another dimension with those living in the “future.” It is true that if one goes up in a rocket ship into outer space, time itself ceases to exist and aging is practically slowed down.

Time in space for the traveler is actually slower and physics proves this. On Earth, time zones, distinguish the different locations on every continent. It is possible to travel back in time or go forward by two hours depending on the time zone of a given location.


Featured image via DieselDemon/Flickr via CC by 2.0.