Given that it is still of a Communist political philosophy, needless to say that the Chinese government can be a bit controlling at times. While they have relaxed things up a bit for economic market purposes, that hasn’t been extended to press freedom and innovative thought just yet.

Yet this 2011 decision takes both limiting innovation and preemptive action to a whole new level. The Chinese government announced its intention to discourage the showing of movies and television shows which feature time travel within its plot.

The reason is that it would disrespect history. Also, they sound fearful of the prospect of someone rewriting China’s history. So they are clearly against the possibility of some entertainment piece inspiring future scientists of tomorrow from such a situation of ever occurring.

China does have a very long history stretching back thousands of years. It’s first dynasty, the Xia, was said to have begun around 2100 B.C. The first stones of the Great Wall of China were laid some seven centuries before Jesus Christ roamed the Earth. The first Imperial China dynasty began before 200 B.C. which is before the height of the Roman Empire. Because it was a relatively unknown nation and culture that still heavily used bikes as transportation as late of the 1980s, many don’t realize how long of a history it has.

Still, to guard it from even the possibility of even a scientific concept altering it seems a bit on the paranoia side. Maybe it is because of the popularity of time travel flicks and shows that caused the government officials to make an early strike to defend the native culture and history.

Time travel often does have an allure about being able to go back in time to change a bad situation in one’s life. Others simply yearn for an earlier, more simplistic life compared to today’s hyper and complicated world.

Whatever the point of the “discouragement”, it hasn’t affected the Chinese population from enjoying time travel-based movies such as Looper. However, in that film, time travel wasn’t an escape, but an actual death sentence. So maybe the Chinese government allowed that to be shown as a subliminal way to note that time travel can be bad for you.



Featured image is a screengrab from YouTube.